Wear-resistant design, 100mm inline roller wheels, let you slide as much as you want

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ColorWhite fog or colored

Formula:83A(Or customized according to your requirements)

Rebound:60%-80%(Or customized according to your requirements)

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Introducing our latest offering, featuring highly durable 100mm inline wheels, ideal for all skaters. Our products are designed with great attention to detail keeping the requirements of professional and recreational skaters in mind.

The 100mm inline wheels strike the perfect balance between flexibility and stability, making it easier than ever to glide smoothly over a variety of surfaces. The wheels are made from high-quality materials for durability and longevity, ensuring they can withstand the toughest skateboarding conditions.

One of the unique features of our 100mm inline roller pulleys is their wear-resistant design, which means they won't break or wear out easily, even after heavy use. This feature makes them ideal for all types of skating conditions, whether urban street skating or skate parks.

Our range also comes with an easy-to-fit system that allows you to quickly and directly fit the wheels on your inline skating. This makes it easier than ever to replace worn or damaged wheels and keep your skates in tip-top shape.

The smooth running of the wheels allows for maximum speed and precise control during skating, ensuring a thrilling skating experience, whether long distance skating or recreational skating. The plush interior provides excellent comfort for long periods of skating without any discomfort.

Overall, our 100mm inline wheels feature a hard-wearing design, superior quality and durability, making them a must-have for any skater. Our products are the perfect combination of comfort, control and speed to provide a superior skating experience unmatched on the market. Elevate your skating experience with our 100mm inline wheels today!

1.XIAMEN RONGHANGCHENG IMPORT AND EXPORT Co. Ltd, established in 2013, is a supplier of Longboard wheelInline skate wheelSkateboard wheelStunt wheelthe wheel with shock absorbe function etc. the most advanced and innovative various professional wheels gadget.

2.Exporting country

We have exported more than 10 countries like USA, Canada,  Germany etc.


Longboard wheelInline skate wheelSkateboard wheelStunt wheelthe wheel with shock absorbe function products provide adults and children with exciting and safe motion to play that provide them with physical exercise, social integration, confidence, self-esteem and improved motor skills.

4.What we offer:

1) Good quality control

2) Highly competitive prices

3) state-of-art technology products

4) Best professional team of all kinds of wheels electronics.

5) Smooth communication

6) Effective OEM&ODM service


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